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Precious Metals are Stable, Scarce, & Secure

Coveted by nations, reasons for conquest by kings, gold has always been seen as an asset that transcends borders, languages and the ever-changing tides of fiat currencies.

Precious metals are finite resources that are not controlled by a single government or financial institution. Experts believe that they will always hold inherent value. Precious metals cannot be printed by a government, but governments can print cash until their currencies fail. Precious metals are naturally occurring. Created over 200 million years ago, the available quantity on Earth will not change.

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Amass Metals is designed to be simple for beginners but feature-rich for savvy metals aficionados.


Automatic Recurring Deposits

Choose which metal to buy daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and we securely store your holdings in our insured vaults. Feel confident your total holdings are growing safely while you benefit from the buying principal of “Rupee Cost Averaging”.


Simple, Secure for ₹100

Amass Metals finds you the most competitive prices. For only ₹100 per month, we eliminate the complication and burden of buying , selling and storing precious metals. Convert your metal to cash anytime or if you prefer to hold your "precious", request a 1oz bar to be delivered to you.

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Safety and Security with Worldwide Storage

We are serious about your holdings. The safety of your holdings are insured by our industry partners.

What you buy, you own! Trust Amass Metals to store it safely for you. Amass Metals tracks and safely stores your metals with our partners in secured depositories around the world. Our partners and their vaults are each insured, so your metals are “Double-Insured”.

1g of Gold worth over ₹4,600.
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Launching Q3 2020


  • Own metals with minimal impact on your wallet.
  • Benefit from “Rupee Cost Averaging” with recurring buys.
  • Buy on demand and grow your vault while still paying ₹100/month for storage.
  • Your metals are instantly accessible from your pocket.
  • Prefer to roll around in your assets, order 1oz bars.
  • Amass Metals wants to bring worldwide awareness to owning precious metals.
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